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Glad I'm Not You

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Glad I'm Not You
Words/music: B.Pearce

I guess it's hard to really understand
the moods that flow through me
I fall to bits and then I need a hand
It's something life will be
I'm not the world's most rational mind
too busy looking to see
I'm not the most reliable kind
too busy seeking to be
And I will claim I am ever there
even though I have flown elsewhere
I speak of Love
and I mean what I say
you will find me back one day
I'm nothing perfect
I do what I can
and my aim is to be true
but what you said
I really can't stand
and I'm glad that I'm not you
I'm like a cloud rolling into the sun
for the ones I love too well
I do my best
but the things I have done
can seem icy rain that fell
And if I'm sun shining into their hearts
Still there seems to come a day
when all we have is falling apart
and the sun just hides away
Some will look
but still they won't see
any point for faith in me
They want the cure
without any pain
Not the struggle
just the gain
I'm nothing perfect
I do what I can
You can say the same to me too
but if you choose to not understand
hey, I'm glad that I'm not you
But deep inside
I'm down on my knees
and my love's a prayer for you
If I could be
a warm gentle breeze
don't you think I'd be that too
I feel your fear
your pain
and your doubt
like a knife that cuts inside
It twists and turns
'til the blood pouring out
is the sorrow I can't hide
I'm nothing perfect
I do what I can
and that's not enough, it's true
But if you can't see
my gift in your hand
well, I'm glad
I'm glad
Glad that I'm not you
Words/music: B.Pearce

When love is all around you in a soul search it reaches a point where expectations rise and a sense of betrayal has to be experienced in order that the strength of a bond may be assessed.