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THE WALL: words/music - B.Pearce
Recorded by Bert Leysens
Arrangement: B.Pearce/B.Leysens

And the wall
grows higher
every time...every...
It seems a long time since I felt in love
being swept by irrational mood
Seems such a time since my heart burnt with fire
and the love songs I wrote were its food
Been a long time since my spirit was lifted
by romantic walks arm in arm
Been such a time since the words of a lover
inspired me
or fed me alarm
and the wall...grows higher
and the wall...grows higher...every time...every time
and love...that's hard to climb
it's hard to climb
so hard to....
Chilling out on mediocrity
with a shield of feigned indifference
Turn my mind into a walled city
and give my heart no recompense
Nothing takes you to intense
since you jumped down off of that fence
of sensuality or sense
sensuality or sense
and the wall now seems immense
and the wall...etc.
I stand here for silent crusaders
inflamed by the news
by the way that the media
impose on us their views
Hey, they seem to think this knowledge
will help keep me in touch
full of soapbox, kiss n' tell bulls**t
It doesn't reach me that much
No, the wall...etc.
There's a hill called Gurten
It's close at hand
Could ascend any day to the top
and stand
just to try to let my heart run free
Instead I let the whole thing be
It's sense or sensuality
sense or sensuality
sense or sensuality
I'd love to love
but can't you see
I'd love to love
but can't you see
I'm a captive
of the wall in me
and the wall....etc.

Written in 1998, this song climaxed a prolific songwriting period where 10 songs were produced from a three month period in Bern, Switzerland.

New York City Skyline with $100 bills

Words/music: Brian Pearce
Brian Pearce - vocals/guitar
Bert Leysen - additional backing
Recorded: 1999 - Antwerp (Bert Leysens)