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Only in my dreams

Do you know?
The Silence after Rain
The Labyrinth
You're my fantasy
Across the sea
Flower and Burning
Fjords of Iceland
I remember everything
Happy in this town
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Don't ask me
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Your Eyes
Uptown Suzy
Only in my dreams
Time to Play
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The Wall
Busker walking
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Labyrinth Busker Journal

I had a dream last night
and there I was with you
To love and hold you tight
is like a dream come true
It's great to see you again
Through it all you still look the same
Nice to see all our feelings remain
after looking at life with a cynical view
Only in my dreams
do my dreams come true
Here we are
in reality
Least it is far as I can see
Pinch myself
Can this really be?
I awake from my dream
and you're not here with me
The mountain rivers aren't free
The water leads to the sea
Much the same as me
My memories lead to my dreams
Only in my dreams
do my dreams come true
Words/music:- Brian Robert Pearce
Composed:- 1996

The curious buskerbrian sound comes once more to the fore with this song. It seems to blur the line between brilliance and purgatory, but its ultimate destination is down to the individual listener. There is a difference between the conscious intelligence of the listener and the third party peer pressure of society. The buskerbrian sound relies on the former.