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On Orpheus and Dreams

Do you know?
The Silence after Rain
The Labyrinth
You're my fantasy
Across the sea
Flower and Burning
Fjords of Iceland
I remember everything
Happy in this town
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Fairy Tales
Don't ask me
Help you through the day
Your Eyes
Uptown Suzy
Only in my dreams
Time to Play
Glad I'm Not You
Poverty Row
Little Black Sheep
The Wall
Busker walking
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Just me and my guitar plus a lead overdub
Moving on through the Hades flame
Walking on through his love and pain
He knows he can't look back
so forward he must go
Taking paths that may bless or haunt
Ghostly voices that caress or taunt
He doesn't look around
above him or below
Who's behind him...up ahead...he will know
Tears are falling as he hears the sound
of gentle voices saying "Look around!"
He knows he can't look back
so forward is his aim
Angry voices shout out "Stop and stare!
That path you're taking isn't really there!"
He doesn't look around
His path remains the same
Who's behind him...up ahead...he'll take the blame
Moving forward he can hope to see
a place where he has found a sanctuary
A place he can look back
to see her standing there
Looking back into the Hades flame
would mean he'd never see his girl again
He doesn't look around
whatever his despair
Who's behind him...up ahead...he'll find somewhere
Words/music:- Brian Robert Pearce


Buskerbrian songs are songs that have faced audiences and won over many of them. This is because songs like this can reach directly into the psyche of listeners.