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Time to Play

Do you know?
The Silence after Rain
The Labyrinth
You're my fantasy
Across the sea
Flower and Burning
Fjords of Iceland
I remember everything
Happy in this town
Buskerbrian Online Video Show
Fairy Tales
Don't ask me
Help you through the day
Your Eyes
Uptown Suzy
Only in my dreams
Time to Play
Glad I'm Not You
Poverty Row
Little Black Sheep
The Wall
Busker walking
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I've been following the sun
looking for a heart to share
I have had a lot of fun
but 'till I met you - life was bare
Bumming round the world
seeing things I'd never seen
I met many pretty girls
but they're never what they seem
Oh, these days - affect me in many ways
Time to play
but maybe my hopes were too great
Talking to you, girl
Won't you hear the things I say
You're the only worldly pearl
I could treasure in this way
I got shivers down my spine
and a terror in my heart
Did you see me spill my wine?
That's how scared I am we'll part
Oh, your face - affects me in many ways
Lost in space
'till I can see you again
Yes, I know you think I'm wrong
Guess I have my point of view
I'm not coming on all strong
but I do have things to do
We have said it all before
and it always ends the same
Can we mention it no more
'cause I always get the blame
Oh, these days - affect me in many ways
Kissed your face
and made love the rest of the day
Words/music: B.Pearce

Once more, the strange buskerbrian guitar sound comes to the fore. Has anyone ever played the guitar this way before? It is raw, but buskerbrian displays the idea that the potential extension of a guitar's sound has still not been fully explored.