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Poverty Row

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Won,t you come with me
Come to Poverty Row
There,s a sight to see
See the stricken poor grow
Growing dust in the factories long closed down
and the houses are crumbling to the ground
Like to find some work
but there's none around

Prostitutes compete
here in Poverty Row
Got kids who must eat
here in Poverty Row
How much more will it take till we draw the line
Idle gangs in the alleyways turn to crime
Is the country so blind to the danger signs?

Won't you come with me
come to Poverty Row
There's a sight to see
see the stricken poor grow
Ain't it strange that the sun rarely shines round here
and the narrowed stares of faces filled with fear
Oh, there's no way out
That much is clear
Poverty Row
Poverty Row
Poverty Row

Words/music: B.Pearce
Arrangement: BRIM (B.Pearce/M.Smith)