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From the North West Fjords of Iceland

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North West Fjords of Iceland - Words/music: B.Pearce

From the North West Fjords of Iceland came
a lass near seventeen
on her brother's horse to Isafjord
and a world she's never seen
Over land and sea
to Reykjavik
far away from father's ire
past the lava fields
and glaciers
and Mount Hekla's violent fire
From the North West Fjords of ...
From where puffins
and eider duck fly
to where hot springs
and sulphur streams flow
Where the torrent
of Gullfoss descends
spraying mist
in the air
as it goes
From the North West Fjords of Iceland came...
From where geysirs
spurt water
high in the air
to where vast tracts
of moonscape
are seen
From where
trees are so rare
they're a sight
to be seen
and where
sagas relate
what has been
From the North west Fjords...
From where new
molten islands
in a violent affair overnight
From a farm
and a village
now gone
came a lass
spurred by freedom
and flight
From the North West Fjords....