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Across the sea

Do you know?
The Silence after Rain
The Labyrinth
You're my fantasy
Across the sea
Flower and Burning
Fjords of Iceland
I remember everything
Happy in this town
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Fairy Tales
Don't ask me
Help you through the day
Your Eyes
Uptown Suzy
Only in my dreams
Time to Play
Glad I'm Not You
Poverty Row
Little Black Sheep
The Wall
Busker walking
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Across the sea - Words/music: B.Pearce

Across the sea
waiting for me
Waiting for the day
that I break free
break free
Waiting for the Summer
of the past
you hardly knew
before the Winter
stored its memories
in deep freeze
deep freeze
deep freeze
Another land
You can't understand
You can't understand
Wondering why a simple thing
can get so
out of hand
Wondering how a simple thing
can get so
out of hand
Wondering if you matter
or if you were just
a picture
made of sand

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