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The Monster Aftermath

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A Monster unleashed in New York - August,1999

Please note: the beginning of this story on this page has been erased accidentally.  I will endeavour to rectify this when time allows.
Gill chose to find me and activate our duo playing terraces. The three sparse terraces we played added up to 500+ each. But my leaping, restless soul left me physically drained... and my motivation to function was low.
I really had no idea how to deal with this, even though I recognised the problem. I couldn't isolate the actual reason for the inner confusion. I knew there was an unreasonable panic about Brian/Gill... and it somehow being lost. But our duo plans ensured we wouldn't lose each other - for the foreseeable future. So what was the reason for my panic?
We played the Cathedral terraces - opening, ironically, with the 'Tightrope' song "If this ain't love". We moved on to my song "Don't ask me"
Our eyes, both before and during the performance of this song, had been open enough for soul speech. Gill's 'mind guard' on her soul had been removed inadvertently, so our souls were free to communicate... and the telepathic line was rampant. We were reading each other's thoughts time and again. So our performance of the song became a soul speech of such freedom of expression (through the eyes) that the inner joy  representing Brian/Gill (and its love) shone through like a beacon.
I could see our souls laughing about the insecurities they had felt. If the souls had their way then Brian/Gill would be a story that will last for years.  A bond of such power! 
My soul laughed... so did I.
Gill's soul laughed... so did Gill.
We wrestled with our laughter, aware we had the task of maintaining the song. It was impossible...
The song had to be stopped, as Gill and I burst into an hysteria of uncontrollable laughter.
The audience on the terrace were probably amused, charmed or confused by this outburst of private humour mid way through a song.
But the glory of the image my soul had seen? How could I describe that to Gill? She had seen it too. But when I tried an explanation? It eluded me in its complexity.
Gill's mind, taken off guard, stormed back to quell the soul rebellion,
"Yes, there is love! But let's keep things on the duo."
"Of course!" I answered, smiling.
What amused and lifted me had the effect of alarming Gill, because it does not fit her determined philosophy worked out by her mind, her family and her fear.
It is not surprising that Brian can be unnerving to those who share love with him. 

DON'T ASK ME (words/music:B.Pearce / arrangement: B.Pearce/ K.T.Zythoff)
Looking your way - Looking around
Head in the clouds - Feet on the ground
Playing the Fool - Playing the seer
Working it out - until nothing was clear
But don't ask me... I don't know
Guess you have a way of complicating
Tried to be within the flow of the circumstances
love was creating
Burning of soul - was cooled by the mind
Fire in my blood - that your heart could not find
Love rose and fell - sometimes all in one day
Always seemed something would stand in the way
Hi! Who are you?
Guess you'll find out
Hi! This is me
Swimming in doubt
Take me from here
Take you from there
Take it I'm here
But don't ask me where


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