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FOR SIX YEARS (between 1994-2000) I TRAVELLED EUROPE BUSKING. FROM THIS EMERGED THE LABYRINTH BUSKER JOURNAL - written as I travelled, loved, yearned and experienced.
Hello Brian.
My name is Ester (25 yrs.) and I just found out that we are related. We share the same great-grandfather from Rekavík Bak Látur(Guđmundur Palmason).My grandmother, Ingibjörg, is Asas younger half-sister.
It is always fun to find relatives you didn´t know you had. (",)
Best wishes.
Ester from Iceland
Hi Brian,
Just been looking at your site and the pictures of Iceland. Noticed the
shots of your father. My own father was in Iceland with the RAF 1945/46.
He was based at Reykavik, a corporal looking after the transport
section. His name was Peter Black, known as Jock(sensible enough as he was from Glasgow). I believe he also "became friendly", with a local girl from Hafnafjordir I think. Can't say I blame him. Went back with him for a few days in Reykavik a couple of years back and found the local girls extemely attractive.
Just wondered if your father was still alive and if there paths had ever
I left my father at the PC last time he was at the house and he started
searching google for Icelandic sites. My father was there when Reykavik airport was officially handed back to the prime minister of the day.
Think he was supposed to drive the staff car that day but "declined"...
Anyway,  I enjoyed looking at the old pictures, thanks for posting them.
Thanks for your mail. Unfortunately, my father died in 1993.. but he was gregacious and highly likely to have known 'Jock'. He was also part of the team that handed over the base to the Icelandic government. I will check with my brother. He knows one or two names of people my father knew.
Do you think everyone sort of knew everyone else on the base?
Maybe your father would know?
I'll try to trawl out a name or two from my brother.
My father married Asa in Reykjavik (n.b. the Americans were not allowed to do such a thing) and returned to Britain via the ship 'Gulfoss' in Spring,
Feedback from my Brother: Michael Pearce
Philip Pearce (my dad) attended the handover parade and knew Jock very well. My mother also knew him well. Philip may well have been known by the nickname: Slim. He spoke often of Jock - and there needs to be assumption there was only one serviceman with that nickname on the base. But otherwise, it appears a valid contact.
Just stumbled on your journal and was amazed at the amount of info you had collected on your ancestors in Iceland. I have a similar past ; my mother Octavia Osk Gothmunddottir, married my father ,a English soldier stationed in Iceland in 1940, my sister and I were born in Reykjavik inthe war years. We came to England in 1946 on the Gullfoss. I aim to try to find out more about my past.
              Great site..............All the best   Lowrus..
My mother shuddered at the Germans who arrived in Reykjavik in 1940. They seized strategic points in the town (like the post office) and toted guns, rifles and machine guns. There was much relief when the British came to round them all up. She was grateful to your father and his fellow servicemen.  Interesting point: the Americans were not allowed to marry the locals, while the British evidently were. My parents also returned to Leith via the Gullfoss in 1946. It is likely your mother was named Gudmundsdottir.

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