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I have very few pictures of me in my possession. But, as a busker, it is likely that there are hundreds of photos of me littered throughout the world that I have never seen. All of the pictures below (except one) were taken during the writing of my 750,000 word LABYRINTH BUSKER JOURNAL.

Brian and Michael - Neuchatel (Switzerland)
Taken July, 1997 - my sister had died a month earlier (Leukaemia).

Brian & Kara play chess, Oberburg (Switzerland)
Taken in Autumn, 1997.

Publicity shot for 'Tightrope' play.
Menace and pomposity. People seemed impressed by my acting.

Brian Pearce onstage
Venue is the old Musiekdoos at Lange Nieuwe Str, Antwerp (Belgium)

Brian and Rachel (either 2000 or 2001) Oxenhope
And when we meet, I promise we will never part.

As I am in 2006
Eyes that harbour steely determination and a soul that seeks purpose.

Brian and Clio at Neuchatel, July 1997
Clio will always have a place in my heart. Our relationship had some fantastic moments.

Brian in the Ken Post play, Tightrope (1999)
Never really thought of myself as an actor, but people seemed to be impressed by my acting skills.

As inquisitor in 1999 play 'Tightrope'.
We performed six shows at the New York Fringe Festival '99

My only visit to Antwerp before 1994
I was about 17 or 18 when this picture was taken (early 70's). i have red jumper and black trousers