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"Thief and a liar"
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The sounds of Leddrain
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PETAL SEA - funky sound with clever and memorable guitar riffs
INVISIBLE - a ballad ranging from quiet and moody to climactic
LEAD RAIN - an anthem of stirring guitar, swinging from whimsical to stressed
BURN - an offbeat song with a hybrid Spanish/Portuguese feel
MENTALLY ILL - "She's claiming I am mentally ill!" 'Nuff said
STEELY EYES - The words pour breathlessly from the lips against a smart riff
VAGABOND - A two song medley about someone wandering the street - and why
GOODBYE - A jazzy 'Stephen Duncan style' guitar set to uncompromising lyrics
WANTS TO BE - A lover tries to understand the wishes of a partner 
A laid back version of this song
WITHERED AND TORN - a haunting song with an addictive quality.
DRINK - Country Punk. Guitar becomes a crazed car.
1999 - Commentary on live demo recordings when Philip Basyck (Leddrain) was 18 years old. The commentary is extracted from the Labyrinth Busker Journal.

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