Things we must do (1st diary)
New Clear Winter (May, 1996)
Tortoise and Hare Guide
Tortoise 1
Death of Lone Wolf (Part 1)
Death of Lone Wolf (Part 2)
Monster in New York
Green Busker 7
Green Busker 9
Green Busker 11
Green Busker 12

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Busker Brian interview

Welcome to the Buskerbrian journal
The Labyrinth Busker journal was written while busking Europe between January,1996 and August, 2000. The first of these extensive diaries is entitled Things we must do - and can be read here.
There are around 55 segments (or books) of the diary, but only about six are online.
Although I first came to Europe as a busker in June 1994 I did not start the diary until the dates mentioned above. 
The exception to this is The Green Busker, which deals with my first few months as a raw rookie busker in 1994. This has been written more like a memoir - and it received various additions and edits over the years. It is currently receiving a further edit by request. Buskerbrian will always respond swiftly to such requests, especially in matters of privacy or the protection of intellectual property rights. 

Welcome to the LBJ. You can find the "Green Busker" in larger font here
That link will take you to the large font "Companion" page, where an index of the chapters can be found. As with all LBJ online 'books', it is recommended to print the chapters out and read at your own leisure. That way, it is easier to drift into the life of a busker finding his path through the streets of Europe.
The journal was written between January 1996 and August 2000 as a handwritten diary. The "Green Busker" was not written 'live', but retrospectively (in 1997).
To read the first book of the diary, click here.
The first book is called "THINGS WE MUST DO"
Other books presently online are:
Bern to Antwerp to Aachen to Trier to Luxembourg
Antwerp to Luzern to Bern to Gstaad to Bern to Fribourg
DEATH OF LONE WOLF - October, 1998
Bern to Antwerp
Antwerp to New York to Antwerp
For 'on the road' Audio demos of Busker Brian's songs, plus lyrics:
where, in addition to more of Busker Brian's songs, there can be found demos of other buskers, plus a 45min read out of a segment of the journal.
If Genealogy is of interest, why not view the
where historic pictures from Iceland, England
and even Egypt can be found,
dating back to the first half of the 20thC.

Labyrinth Busker Journal - Brian Robert Pearce

Labyrinth Busker Journal - Brian Robert Pearce