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Brian Robert Pearce
Brian Pearce busked the streets and bars of Europe between the years 1994 and 2000. In addition he busked in New York while participating in the TIGHTROPE musical, a play written by Ken Post [ with Bonnie Burns].
The journal exists, at present, as approx. 750,000 hand written words formatted in about 55 segments

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Armageddon outer sphere

Hi Mead! A view of a star map encompassing 27 light years unveils cygnus 2 as apparently veering in a different direction (symmetrically) to the main pattern of other stars. This could  lead to the possibility that cygnus belongs to another universe travelling in an askew opposing direction to our own.
Through this, it can be imagined that cygnus may have passed through the solar system and caused asteroid and planetary collision within it. This may explain why it is a variable star.
It is travelling against our universe and  there could be a high incidence of debris collision affecting mass and fuel sources for light.
It should be noted that the very air we breathe depends on the principle of collision. It is not unreasonable to apply this principle to space - and assume not all stars are originating from our universe.
27 Light-Year Test Map

Hi Mead! On the basis of the last mail, is this a planet coming our way? Is it colliding with our universe as we observe it?
Epsilon Eridani

Hi Mead! We've never had it so good. Tau Ceti could be the point where an opposing universe is in collision. It seems we could be 12 light years away from a force that threatens our solar system as we know it. Of course the opposing force may not be travelling toward us at the speed of light. It may also miss us.
Personally, I feel this is a promising explanation for the destruction of the dinosaurs and the Veritas collision 8.2 million years ago.